Title Search Software of the future

Built on best practices in the title search industry, Title Forge will manage your workload for you.


Workflow and File Visibility

With Title Forge as your guide, you now have an office assistant to keep your open orders organized.


Prebuilt metrics at your disposal

Easily report on current or past orders completed. Streamline your billing and quickly respond to customer requests.


Produce Quickly

Using built-in codes and product templates, easily create your deliverables in the office or on the go!

Here's what's in it for you

Things you will get right out of the box with Title Forge:

Automatic Backtitle Searching

Have our software automatically check your prior title searches to find similar properties completed to save you time and energy.

File Tracking

Design a workflow to keep an eye on where your files are throughout the search process.

Remote Accessibility

Access your new and active files from anywhere, including previously completed orders saved in online storage.

Join our community of title searchers on their mission to build a better title company.

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Our Mission

The Title Forge software platform was created to meet the need for a standardized method of title production in the market. Companies all across the United States develop a multitude of proprietary platforms in-house, each requiring time and effort to build out integrations. By unifying the software platform, Title Forge ends the frustration felt by the customer.